The Resilient Vermont Project


The Project:

The Institute for Sustainable Communitiesworking closely with key stakeholders from state and local governments, businesses and non-profits, is leading the Resilient Vermont Project to help make Vermont a model of community, economic, and environmental resilience.

The Challenge:

Vermonters recognize that our changing world and changing climate are bringing about new and unprecedented challenges. Vermont was hard hit by flooding in 2011, including unprecedented lake flooding in the spring and the catastrophic impacts of Tropical Storm Irene on August 28th.  In the aftermath of these disasters, Vermont is now working to develop an integrated, long-term strategy for resilience — one that weaves together state, regional and local initiatives, and better equips the state to prepare for, respond to and bounce back from future climate impacts and the natural disasters that we know will come.

The Opportunity:

The Resilient Vermont project is a stakeholder-driven process to identify practical steps to reduce our vulnerabilities and minimize the risks to our citizens, our communities, our economy and our environment. The challenges ahead are great and will need to be met with strong leadership, partnership and commitment — core characteristics of a more resilient Vermont.