Progress Report Background

In December 2013, following an 18-month stakeholder engagement process, the Institute for Sustainable Communities published Vermont’s Roadmap to Resilience. This Roadmap recommended 23 actions to increase Vermont’s resilience to climate-related disasters. Since then, ISC has been working with the State of Vermont, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders to put these recommendations into action. While we have seen progress on many fronts, there is still much to do.

A resilient Vermont is better prepared for, and able to more effectively manage and bounce forward from, natural disasters and climate-related shocks, and the risks they pose to our economy, environment, and social well-being. By working proactively to reduce vulnerabilities and improve our disaster response and recovery, we ensure that we are continually strengthening our resilience.

This report takes stock of the progress made on each of the 23 Roadmap recommendations. However, we understand resilience is a process of moving along a continuum, not an end destination. Working together, we need to continuously assess priorities, adapt our strategies, and act to address our vulnerabilities, reduce our risk and strengthen communities.

In this report, we indicate progress with the following colors:

Orange indicates that we have little or no progress to report. ISC has not been to find or confirm that action is underway to advance the recommendation.

Yellow indicates some progress. Items in this category do not meet the threshold of significant progress. In some cases, items may be in this category because:

  • One or more aspect(s) of the recommendation is being advanced, but not the whole of the recommendation as described in the roadmap; and/or,
  • Work is just starting; and/or,
  • Some work was done but has not been continued.

Green indicates significant progress. Recommendations are in this category if:

  • Funding has been dedicated to advance the recommendation; and,
  • One or more organizations has expressly committed to advancing the recommendation; and,
  • The recommendation is being advanced in comprehensive way toward the stated outcomes contained in the
  • Roadmap; and,
  • Tangible outcomes have been achieved.

Blue will indicate a recommendation has been implemented. At this time, no recommendations have achieved this status.

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