Current Projects

In our first year, the Resilient Vermont Network is focusing on collaborative action projects that can help address tangible resilience needs, advance existing programs, and complete actions in the Roadmap to Resilience. We are launching an adaptive process that involves building diverse teams and launching action projects in 90-day work cycles.

We are currently scoping four topics for our first round of action projects:

  •      Supporting buyouts of flood-prone properties and conservation of floodplains
  •      Implementing recommendations from the Vermont Economic Resilience Initiative (VERI)
  •      Exploring strategies to limit development in river corridors
  •      Reducing impacts and building resilience among vulnerable populations

Our process involves:

  1.     Identifying priority action areas
  2.     Scoping potential projects and forming teams
  3.     Identifying specific goals and 90-day action projects
  4.     Supporting teams as they work on those projects
  5.     Regrouping after 90 days to evaluate progress, and decide on next steps, and launch the next 90-day cycle

If you are interested in these topics or our work, .

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