The Resilient Vermont Project


The State of Resilience in Vermont

By Rebecca Sanborn Stone, Resilient Vermont Network Coordinator and Principal at Community Workshop LLC How does Vermont measure up on resilience? What’s working? Where should we go in 2016? The Resilient Vermont Progress Report, released this summer, evaluates progress on…

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40 Ideas to Advance Vermont’s Climate Economy

By Jenna Whitson, Community and Policy Senior Associate, Vermont Council on Rural Development 1) What are Vermont businesses doing today that make them leaders in the climate economy? 2) What are some ideas to promote business, economic development, and job…

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Vermont’s Climate Change Economy

By Jenna Whitson, Vermont Council on Rural Development Area businesses and nonprofits are increasingly involved with climate change – both its challenges and opportunities. Their creative solutions are becoming a growing part of our state’s economy, and our resilient future. You…

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