The Network

The Resilient Vermont Network is a new collaboration of organizations and agencies in Vermont that are working to advance climate resilience. The Network is working to improve alignment, coordination, communication and strategic impact across a range of issues related to climate resilience.

Ultimately, the goal of the Network is to ensure that Vermont is better prepared for and able to more effectively manage, bounce forward and reduce costly impacts from natural disasters and climate-related shocks, and the risks they pose to our economy, environment, and social well-being. Specific goals include:

  • Promote a cross-sector, collective impact approach to resilience;
  • Advance the recommendations of the Roadmap and other post-Irene reports and maintain accountability for the implementation of these recommendations (in any given year, the Network might choose to focus on a few specific actions);
  • Develop and implement projects that reduce vulnerabilities – The Network will identify and nurture opportunities to work together, leverage expertise, & create win-win projects. It will accelerate the implementation of resilience projects;
  • Maintain public awareness/focus on resilience: The Network will help keep resilience at the fore of Vermont’s priorities through ongoing public dialogue, outreach and communications strategy, etc.;
  • Guide statewide priorities and support efforts to align policies and programs with efforts to build resilience, including suggesting new policy, rule changes, etc ; and
  • Serve as a conduit to best available risk, climate and climate change information.

Launched in 2015, the Network is focused this year on communication, coordination, and advancing tangible, collaborative initiatives that create a more resilient Vermont. Learn more about our projects or how to get involved.

Current Participants: